A quick summary of the Spartan Protocol
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Spartan Protocol is a liquidity pool-based protocol allowing token-agnostic liquidity.
Traders can swap between tokens using a liquidity-sensitive fee that provides a healthy revenue for LP Holders and a low-rate swap fee for DEX users
Ensure you are interacting with the Spartan Protocol via an official method.

The Basics

So, why Spartan Protocol?

A group of motivated Binance Community members saw the opportunity to develop a platform that takes advantage of the capability provided by the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. A platform for the community with equal access and participation by all.
Core points about the ethos of the project:
  • The project is created by the community, for the community.
  • Individual token holders destroy their existing assets to acquire $SPARTA through a process referred to as Proof-of-Burn.
  • 30 Binance Chain projects selected to participate - with the intent to drive forward the adoption of Binance Smart Chain and to helpgrow the Binance Chain ecosystem.
  • The Protocol starts as decentralised as possible, with the intention of further decentralising as much as possible as the project matures.
  • The Protocol strives towards full automation, with no requirement for ongoing maintenance.
The Spartan Protocol can also facilitate the following features:
  • Synthetic Token Generation, stabilised and incentivised by Liquidity Pool capital generated by both User and Protocol.
  • Lending markets using a flexible peg-out of low-use pool capital.
  • Derivative activity, by entering or exiting a synthetic token position.
With synthetics and lending contracts, Spartan Protocol has combined many varied and popular aspects of the De-Fi landscape. We are utilising the best parts of other prominent and very successful protocols such as:
  • UniSwap ($UNI),
  • Thorchain ($RUNE),
  • Synthetix ($SNX),
  • MakerDAO ($MKR), and
  • Vader/VEther Protocol ($VETH)
The future of DeFi is right before your eyes.

Binance Smart Chain

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