Road Map

This is most likely to be one of the more popular pages amongst these documents, here you'll find the road map and the direction that Spartan Protocol is heading. As the most loyal of you Spartans will understand, this is a community drive project which does not have fixed timelines. Perhaps a controversial decision, this is something that has been decided as not only are the team working purely out of passion and for free, they're also building this Protocol from the ground up. There is no copy and paste here. That means that there are too many factors that have to be taken into account and too many variables to consider to produce exact ETA's.

This does not mean though that things aren't flying along in the background. The devs are working tirelessly on the protocol's contracts and progress is happening at an extraordinary pace. Unfortunately, just as things were looking nice and polished, as I'm sure all of you are aware, we suffered an exploit which set us back a little bit.

As true Spartans and believers in the project, we have since dusted ourselves off and we're storming ahead towards delivering our dream of the Spartan Protocol.

Although not in a formal road map presentation, please read the paragraphs below which will give you an idea on exactly where the project is and what's left to go for the very much anticipated V2.

Contributor’s Focus

Contributor focus moving forward is going to be broken into phases. This is done to highlight that the original goal has not changed but acknowledges and embraces the opportunities that there is some rebuilding required in order to get there.

  • Phase One — deals with the snapshot process, along with the new $SPARTA token and bridge

  • Phase Two — happening in line with phase 1; is adapting the V2 contracts to the new changes/features and getting them prepared for the CodeArena bounty. This phase also includes the code review process

  • Phase Three— is continuing with the goal of delivering incentivised deep liquidity pools for leveraged synthetic token generation

Phase 1 — The New $SPARTA Bridge

Affected Users Snapshot

Confirm Spartan Protocol holders & members snapshot from just prior to the attack.

Firstly a complete list of all possible wallets needed to be built to ensure no Spartans would be missed:

  • A complete list (for each pool) of every wallet address that held the LP token at any point

  • A complete list (for each bond contract) of every wallet that ever added liquidity via bond

  • A complete list of every wallet that ever deposited into the DAO (Lock+Earn)

  • Recreate the state of the chain from just prior to the attack to do the below calls

Loop the above lists using the relevant contract functions:

  • List of all wallet holdings (LP tokens)

  • List of pool’s depth in SPARTA & total supply of LP units

  • List of each DAO member’s locked units (LP Tokens)

  • List of each Bond member’s locked units (LP Tokens)

  • Use the above to get every wallet’s claim to base (SPARTA) to be allocated for the ‘claim’ contract for affected users

Issue A New $SPARTA token (Must await snapshot completion)

  • Confirm new token ticker — suggestions welcome but leaning towards keeping the old ticker ($SPARTA)

  • Build & deploy new base contract

  • Upgrade DApp — 1 old SPARTA = 1 new SPARTA

  • The above-weighted claims (from the snapshot) are plugged in for affected users to claim via the Upgrade Dapp

  • Implement deflationary mechanisms (burn SPARTA on each transfer etc)

Phase 2 — The Original Plan


  • Continue updating V2 contracts to suit the changes to the base contract and get it finalised ready for the CodeArena bounty

  • Put the contracts through a code review process on CodeArena

  • Continue the code review process within the community


  • Update the DAppV2 to suit any changed contracts

Phase 3 — Deploy & Iterate

  • Deploy V2 to mainnet (with Synths)

  • Enable Bond allocations to get some TVL into the V2 pools

  • Deploy Lending to testnet

  • Continue ahead with the previous plans!