Exploring Your Wallet

Open Your Wallet in DApp

  • You can access your wallet from anywhere in the dapp via the wallet icon in the header menu
  • Make sure you have connected your wallet before continuing

Tokens Tab

  • The first tab you will see in the wallet modal is 'Tokens'
  • These are the base-layer BEP20 tokens that are listed in the Spartan pools
  • As you can see above, the wallet modal is broken up into sections:
    • Green (Header):
      • Your connected wallet's address - Click this to copy your wallet's address to the clipboard
      • Selected network - Click the toggle switch to flip to the other network (ensure your wallet's network matches this too)
      • Spartan Rank - This is just a fun little ranking system, calculated based on the total SPARTA value of all of your assets in the ecosystem
    • Blue (Tabs):
      • Tabs to select asset types that you have in your wallet or associated with your wallet but locked in the Vaults
    • Red (Asset List):
      • Here you will find a list of the assets relevant to the selected tab
      • See more info in the next section 'LPs Tab'
    • Yellow (Wallet Functions):
      • Button to view your wallet on BscScan chain explorer
      • Button to disconnect your wallet

LPs Tab

  • Now let us do a breakdown of the LPs tab
  • Keep in mind the Green & Purple sections (see below) will not be available on smaller devices like iPhone 5
  • Yellow (from left to right):
    • The LP token's icon
    • The 'Badge' which tells you where these tokens are located:
      • Wallet: The LP tokens are currently in your wallet
      • Staked: The LP tokens are staked in the DaoVault
      • Bonded: The LP tokens are currently locked in a Bond position
    • The token's name (ie. BNBp)
      • The 'p' after the BNB stands for 'pool' (LP tokens)
    • Underneath those we have the 'units' of the LP tokens
  • Green (Value of tokens):
    • This section (by default) shows the 'redemption value' of the LP tokens
    • What does that mean? Well, if you were to redeem those LP tokens and remove your liquidity right now, the listed asset unit qtys are the estimate of what you would receive
    • If you click this area it flips over to $USD value of the bundle of LP tokens
  • Blue (Quick-copy button):
    • If you click this button it copies the LP token's contract address (helpful if you want to view it in BscScan or paste it into your wallet as a custom token etc)
  • Red (MetaMask/TrustWallet quick-add):
    • This will be a MetaMask icon if you have Metamask connected
    • Or it will be a TrustWallet icon if you are using TrustWallet
    • Or there will be no button if you have neither wallet connected
    • If you click this button your corresponding wallet will trigger open and ask if you want to add the LP token as a custom token to the wallet
    • Please be aware the logo that is added is the underlying token's icon instead of the LP token's icon. So for BNBp it will be the normal BNB token icon
  • Purple (Total row):
    • This row shows the estimated total value of all LP token bundles in $USD

Synths Tab

  • The synths tab has a mix of similar elements as the 'Tokens' tab and the 'LPs' tab
  • If you read through the above you should be able to understand the synths tab just fine too
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