Confirm on BSCscan

Confused about a token balance or state of a txn? Follow this guide to check the state of your wallet / transaction in BSCscan

There will be times where you are unsure of whether a transaction is pending or failed or something just seem right.

In these instances, it is best to visit to confirm the state of your wallet.

Bring up your wallet on BSCscan:

Visit BSCscan by clicking the wallet icon in the top right of the DApp and then "View on BSCscan" in the wallet modal that pops up. This will bring you to BSCscan within the scope of your wallet

Opening BSCscan via your wallet in the Spartan DApp

Confirm your token balances:

Click the 'expand' button to view all your balances full-screen

Hover over the token in question and confirm the token address is correct; if the balance is correct here then you are all good, if it is not what you expected we can explore why/how in the next steps

It is common for scammers to impersonate other projects by using the same ticker / token name and mimicking the communities/teams and try scam you out of your precious assets; ALWAYS confirm token address matches the official address when interacting with any DApps

Check recent transactions:

Bring up your wallet in BSCscan again (see above) but this time we will instead look a little lower on the screen to the 'Transactions" area. If your balance is out of whack compared to what you are expecting; your transaction might have failed. Look for little alert icons next to the transaction in question. Feel free to hover over it for an indicator of what went wrong.

If your transaction failed and you are not sure why; feel free to reach out in the community Telegram channel for support from the community. But as always be very careful and DO NOT share your private keys with anyone. They should only need the transaction hash or a link to the transaction on BSCscan to help you along with some information about the transaction you were trying to perform; nothing more!