Bond: a Spartan Protocol liquidity-bootstrapping pool option.

What is Bond?

Bond (formerly known as Bond+Mint in V1) is the process of committing a Curated + Bond-Listed Token to the liquidity pool for an extended period of time, in exchange for a generous allocation of SPARTA to make up the token pair. Once a Bond is performed, a user will remain eligible for Pool incentives but holds a stronger position, with greater ownership of LP tokens and a longer-term alignment with the protocol.
Bonding involves the below steps:
  1. 1.
    Users selects a quantity of a Bond-listed BEP20 Token (ie. BNB, the base token of Binance Smart Chain) for Bonding
  2. 2.
    These tokens are injected into the relevant Liquidity Pool
  3. 3.
    Spartan Protocol then mints the equivalent Swap Value of SPARTA matching the tokens from Step 1, and injects these into the relevant Liquidity Pool too
  4. 4.
    Spartan Protocol then mints LP Tokens and locks these into the Bond Vault, which is a Smart Contract to ensure the release of these tokens to your individual wallet is possible over a 6 month period

Bonding vs Standard Liquidity-Add

Standard Liquidity provision allows you to earn your share of Pool Fees and Dividends in curated pools, and the ability to stake your LPs into the DAO Vault for governance token emission yield. Bonding allows you to effectively double that share of Fees and Dividends, as well as the emissions yield, on the proviso that your tokens are committed to Spartan Protocol for an extended period of time.
The release of these funds is linear, over six months. Users can select to keep all Bonded liquidity in the pools for the whole period or claim over time, however, it is recommended to maintain your liquidity position to maximize your yield and fees/dividend payments.
Claimable Liquidity

When is Bond Available?

Bond is an exclusive and limited opportunity that is granted by the Spartan DAO, through a two-step process:
  • Enable (list) a Token to be included in the Bond allocations (Curated Pools only) via a DAO proposal
  • Enable a limited 2M SPARTA Bond Allocation via a DAO proposal

Listing / Delisting Bond Assets

By default, no assets are listed for Bond. The DAO decides what assets are listed for the Bond program and manages this ongoing. A DAO proposal is required first to 'list' a Bond asset. The user who creates the proposal will be able to pick from a list of 'Curated' assets only. It is important the DAO is responsible when choosing these Bond assets as they should align with long-term benefit of the protocol and the stars of the ecosystem; our liquidity providers.

Releasing a Bond Allocation

The SPARTA that is allocated for the Bond program is not unlimited, it is a controlled release via DAO proposals in 2M bundles and will cease to be possible when the total supply reaches its intended distribution level. The contributors and community however have signaled an intention to disable Bond allocations before then which no doubt will show its course via the DAO proposals anyway. So expect these Bond allocations to be quite limited; similar to V1.

How Can I Bond?

Bond can be viewed by accessing the 'Liquidity' section of the DApp, and selecting the 'Bond' tab. This will display any assets that are listed for Bond, as well as the remaining allocation of SPARTA that is eligible for Bond participants. You can also enter a value of your selected token, and view how many SPARTA will be minted and paired into your LP Tokens
For a guide on 'Bonding' please see the following link in our docs:
The name's Bond... Spartan Bond
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