A community project, driven and delivered by members of the community.
The wonderful world of DeFi is full of innovative technology and is a place where the greatest minds, and greatest communities exist. But in order for the world to remain in balance, it's also got it's fair share of people who just want to watch the world burn. Placing your trust into a project can difficult decision. A reputation takes a lifetime to build and a moment to destroy. We understand the risks and horrors born in the darker side of DeFi and as a community, we do our upmost to alleviate any risks before they arise. The Spartan community is blessed with some of the most unwavering and dedicated people you can find. Not a single satoshi of the Spartan Protocol has been gifted to anyone of the many contributors working on the project. They all do their work out of passion and love for what they're creating. Any sums of value in their wallets have come from their own pockets.
The contributors are all very passionate about this project and the ethos it was built upon. They are free to come and go as they please, nothing is stopping them from leaving. The reason they have given up so much of their time and knowledge, and continue to do so, is because they see the direction of where the road ahead of us is leading. It's a vision built upon the passion and endearing love for a Spartan future in the delightfully alluring world of DeFi.
Some have been here working daily on the code since it's inception nearly a year ago, some just chip in their time whenever they can fit it in between their work and personal lives. Since the project was first created, we haven't lost a single contributor, and continue to get more and more community members putting up their hands daily to get involved and contribute towards the project.
Spartan Protocol has now become their lives. A positive lifestyle choice which is reaffirmed by the zero turn over rate. With the recent exploit, during our darkest hours, and despite the worst affected being the people closest to the beating heart of Spartan Protocol, the contributors are all still here, passionate as ever and striving to deliver what we believe to be the future of DeFi.
This will forever be a community project. If anyone wants to contribute, get in touch on Telegram as there's always going to be something to help out with. We don't need you to be a walking robot, a skill set anywhere between zero and hero can be usefully applied within the project. We want community members who share and believe in our ethos to engage and take part in what we believe will soon be one of the best protocols that the Binance Smart Chain has to offer.
A bet on Spartan Protocol is a bet on the future economic value of the Binance DeFi Ecosystem
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