Learn how to contribute translations to the DApp

Getting Super Powers

Want to help contribute translations to the Spartan protocol DApp?

Don't worry; it's easy, you will just need a free GitHub account and a few minutes!

Step 1: Get a Free Github Account

Follow the below link to set up a Github account so that you can submit changes and recommendations to the Spartan Protocol repos.

After you have signed up and have a GitHub username, ideally please reach out to Samus in Telegram to get your username added to the GitHub repo as a contributor so that you don't have to fork the repo to make changes

Step 2: Go to the DApp's Locales Folder

Follow the below link to visit the folder containing all the locales used in Spartan Protocol's DApp.

You will be presented with a screen similar to this:

Select the folder with the language code that represents the ISO 639-1 Code you would like to contribute to. If you aren't sure; cross-reference against the language/country here:

Then click the translation.json file inside that folder:

You will see code in this file where each line looks like this:

"uniqueID": "translated text",

Click the edit icon:

Your goal will be to change only the "translated text" portion as that "uniqueID" needs to match all the other translation files.

If you are not sure which ID matches which part of the DApp; open the 'en' locale's translation.js and search for the string you are wanting to translate (if it's in English).

If the string you are wanting to translate does not have a matching uniqueID (it does not yet have a translation injected at all) then you will need to create a new line in the English translation file first and then in the locale of your choice with a matching uniqueID. Please ensure you use the same format (camelCase) for the ID with no spaces.

AND/OR reach out on Telegram to get the English translation injected so that it is an easy addition for contributors!

Step 3: Commit the Changes

Once you are finished and want to submit the changes for review, scroll to the bottom where there will be a similar section to this:

If you have not yet been added to the repo as a contributor; it's okay; your request will instead live on your own forked repo where you will have to follow up by making a merge request